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Pandect X-1000
Pandect X-1000 is a micro alarm system for modern cars with CAN bus interface. This micro alarm system has a built-in shock/tilt/movement sensor. The control of the system is carried out through a immobilizer tag. This particular model uses dialogue code and unique encryption codes, this makes the s..
Pandect X-1000BT
The Pandect X1000BT is a modified version of an older system Pandect X-1000. The Pandect X-1000BT combines car alarm and Bluetooth immobilizer functions. The authorization in Pandect X-1000BT security complex is implemented through an immobilizer tag, or via mobile phone which supports Bluetooth 4.2..
Pandect X-1700
Pandect X-1700 is a micro alarm system has an engine auto-launch feature with integrated GSM/GPRS modem. The size of the base unit is very small, no larger than an immobilizer tag. The alarm system can be controlled through an online service, and also using a smartphone. The immobilizer ..
Pandect X-1800
This car alarm system is an upgraded version of Pandect X-1700 system. The difference is that Pandect X-1800 uses a new element base and software. The control of the system is issued through a mobile phone with an installed application, and immobilizer tags. Using a mobile app the user can customize..
Pandect X-1900
Pandect X-1900 – car security system with integrated GPS/Glonass receiver to base unit, what give you possibility to see car location in the mobile app, on website or GSM voice interface without additional equipment. Also newest possibility is that you can connect with your car using ..
Pandect X-3000
This particular security system has a miniature base unit. The Pandect X3000 alarm system can be controlled via smartphone or internet using an online internet service Pandect X3000 works on a 2.4 MHz frequency, which makes the system safe and efficient.  Pandect X 3000 techni..
Pandect X-3010
Pandect X3010 has a 2CAN interface and a small base unit. The system is better protected against radio interference because of the 868 MHz working frequency. Pandect X3010 can be controlled via smartphone or internet using an online internet service There’s a remote control with an LCD ..
Pandect X-3110
Pandect X-3110 is updated  version for micro car alarm Pandect X-3010. Now system has new LCD remote control and Bluetooth tags. Also it has Bluetooth interface, what gives you possibility to receive information on mobile application in places where is not available GRPS connection, but you..
Pandora DX 30
Pandora DX30 is a one way alarm system made for economy class vehicles. It has a miniature sized base unit which makes it easy to install in almost any place in the car. The alarm complex works on a 868 MHz frequency and has a built in 3D motion sensor. Pandora DX30 technical features:Dialog co..
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