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Car theft methods

In our modern time there are a lot of ways to steal a car. Now, car thieves use more modern methods of car theft then before. There are a lot of electronic devices that can hack or bypass the original car alarm system in less than a minute.  Here are some of the most popular methods of car theft:


A codegrabber is a device which copies the original car key signal, and works as an original car remote control. After copying the original signal, a car thief can use the codegrabber to unlock the car and turn off the alarm system.

Signal repeater

A repeater or “WAVE” system is a device which can be used to unlock the car and start the engine without damaging the car, or hacking the original alarm system.  The repeater works with cars that are equipped with KEYLESS GO systems.  The repeater consists of two modules, one module should be located near the car, other, should be near the original key.  The one module which is near the owner with the original key transmits the original signal to the second device which is located near the car. The second module repeats the original signal, and can easily open the car and start the engine. 

GSM.GPS signal jammer

A jammer is a device which works on a certain frequency and blocks the signal from the original remote control.  A car thief with a GPS jammer is located near the vehicle, the owner of the car is trying to turn the alarm system on, but the signal is being blocked by the jamming device.  The owner thinks that the battery of the remote is dead, or that there’s something wrong with the original remote and closes the car without turning on the alarm. After that, it’s not hard for the car thief to steal a car without an alarm system. 

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