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Pandect BT-100
Pandect BT-100 is an anti-theft security device which supports the Bluetooth Smart technology. The Pandect BT-100 immobilizer is very energy efficient and consumes very small amounts of energy in active mode. You can use your smartphone as an immobilizer tag, and also the owner can use it as a devic..
Pandect IS-350i
The Pandect IS 350i is a modern car security complex which protects the vehicle from theft and breaking in. The Pandect IS 350i immobilizer can be installed on almost any car. The system uses a dialogue code which can’t be hacked or copied. Pandect IS 350i technical features:Dialogue codeImmobi..
Pandect IS-570i
The Pandect IS 570i is a modern security complex with a built in motion sensor which protects the vehicle from theft and vandalism. Because of the built in motion sensor the system only blocks the engine when the vehicle starts moving.  Therefore the Pandect IS 570i immobilizer is compatible wi..
PanDECT IS-670
The Pandect IS 670 is an anti theft security complex that uses an immobilizer tag for authorization. The system allows to start the engine without the tag. But because of the built in motion sensor, any atempts of moving the vehicle will result in engine blocking. The blocking relay which is include..
Pandora Immo is a car immobilizer with a built-in three coordinate accelerometer and a blocking relay. This allows blocking the engine when the vehicle starts moving.  The engine blocks only when the car starts to move, therefore it allows operation of such functions as remote engine start, and..
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