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Terms & conditions

To exclude any possible disagreements and unnecessary delays in distance agreement, please read general terms in partnership.

  1. As our product is selling in internet shop, in our country according to law customer and seller must have distance agreement.
  2. Customer has possibility to order on our website, by e-mail, in our store located in Riga, Latvia or by phone +37127735000.
  3. All prices have included VAT 21%. Delivery costs are not included and are counted individually for each customer.  
  4. Payment for order is possible to make from your bank account or at our office in Latvia.
  5. When you make an order you need to write your e-mail address, to receive information about all delivery possibilities, invoices for order and other information.
  6. Customers receive different delivery variations, including pickup. Delivery time depends on your chosen way of delivery and order volume.
  7. Customer must pay for order in 3 days after it is received on e-mail address.
  8. To start use product you must read instructions and consider factory recommendations.
  9. If you change your mind to keep received order, you can send it back in 14 days. In this situation original package can’t be broken.
  10. If you get some technical problems using our product, contact us to resolve problem. Together with order you receive waybill (proforma-invoice) and you must keep it for all warranty time.
  11. Company has rights to change this Distance agreement conditions. Conditions are suitable until it is available on the website.
  12. Making orders in our internet shop you’ll receive new information about our products, if you don’t want to receive this information, please write about it in e-mail.
  13. If you have any questions please contact us.
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