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  • Производитель: Pandora
  • Наличие: Есть в наличии
The Pandora Professional car alarm security complex is a modern solution that includes most modern security and service functions. The system also pro...

The Pandora Professional car alarm security complex is a modern solution that includes most modern security and service functions. The system also provides additional personal safety and high comfort for premium class cars. The alarm system has a multifunction 2.4 GHz radio interface which increases anti-theft and anti-hijack protection of the vehicle. Pandora Professional uses a AES coding algorithm and dynamic dialogue information exchange, this ensures protection from electronic hacking and theft. 

The Pandora Professional car security complex can be controlled using a computer or smartphone with internet connection. With an online service Pandora-on.com the owner can monitor and control the car. You can also adjust the settings of the alarm system using the online service. The owner can always be informed about any event that has occurred to his or her vehicle. All the event history is saved on the server with actual time and date. The Pandora-on.com online service doesn’t just show the coordinates of your car, but you can actually view the exact place on Google Maps or OpenStreetMaps. If the owner wishes to control and monitor the car using a smartphone, it can easily be done by downloading and installing a free application (available on Android and iOS).

Pandora Professional has an integrated GSM-interface allowing the owner to receive text and voice notifications about all the occurring events. The system is also equipped with a GPS/GLONASS tracking device. This allows monitoring the cars movement, travel time, average and maximum speed and travelled route on the map. The system can also be controlled using a 2-way remote control with a LCD display. Using the remote control the owner can view all the necessary information about the cars status and also issue the control of the cars preheaters, remote start etc. There’s a SOS button on the remote which sends a distress notification to the police and other assigned numbers also providing coordinates of your vehicle. 

Pandora Professional technical features:

  • Remote engine start 
  • Dialogue code
  • Turbo timer
  • GSM interface
  • CAN-bus interface
  • GPS/GLONASS tracker
  • 2-way remote control with LCD display
  • Additional one-way remote control
  • Immobilizer tags
  • Shock/motion/tilt sensors
  • Wireless engine lock switch

System set:

Base unit

RF module and cable

Main control remote with LCD

Additional remote (three-button)

Immobilizer tags 

Leather case for immobilizer tags

GPS receiver

Blocking radio relay

External dual-band GSM 900/1800 MHz aerial

Relay automatic start module

Main cable

Supplementary cable

Cable with VALET button and three-colored light indicator


Mini-USB cable


Supplementary sensor socket with a wire

Limit switch and wire 

Tapping screw Ø 4,2х13 

Plastic tie 120 – 150 mm 

Grounding contact - 

User manual

Installation manual (connection scheme)

Plastic card with individual secret code


CR-2032 battery 

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